Crete – conditions for business

Dominant sectors of the economy are: agriculture and tourism

Tourism- Crete is the biggest tourism greek destination

Agriculture- the biggest producer of olive oil , opuntia ficus-indica, eco- agriculture

Attitude – hospitality ~filoxenia although exaggerated pride

Sense of security in relations compared to other big tourism destinations like: Egypt and Turkey. It is result of similiar European cultural values and no terrorist attack

Large areas of wilderness but often destroyed for development of tourist infrastructure

Landscape diversity, healthy climate, excellent food and rich infrastructure provide opportunities for many types of tourism.

Minoan cultural heritage builds without aesthetic cohesion

Due to the liberal approach and high quality – medical services, aesthetic medicine, infertility treatment, gynecological services – possible connection in the holiday package

Rich tourism infrastructure but requires renewal

Demand for hotel renovations and arrangements, infrastructure, training in organization and quality

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